28 years old, but still changing

Place of residence: Bełchatów, POLAND




08 April 2007

A day as usual… but the day who had changed so much…

I wanted to do my friend a favour. As he was drunk, he wasn’t able to drive at all. I was sober so why not? We’re driving… in accordance with road regulations… the road itself beautiful as the day was. Friend felt asleep at the passenger seat and nothing indicated that ride would eventually end horribly.

Then completely out of the blue friend woke up and saying that I’m driving too slow and he started disturbing me. He was pushing my right foot in order to push throttle.

Unfortunately, it all came to a bad end. Car turned from straight road and then hit the fence and tree. After hitting the fence my seatbelt moved to my neck and hitting the tree it was like a rope smashing my spine.

In accident I sustained head injury, chest injury and spine breakage with dislocation on cervical part – breakage caused pressure on spinal cord, partial paralysis and quadriplegia.

Before I regained consciousness, I had been sleeping sick for a month. Doctors said that I will be vegetating, what they should have said… Well, I had decided to prank on them and I didn’t give up. I want to keep training to come back to full health and to make my dreams come true.


At the moment I’m requiring constant treatment, rehabilitation and 24-hour care. I’m not able to do actually anything by myself.

The most important is to find a way of living after such an accident. Aim which will boost our energy. I was boosted by the rallies and the passion to them. I feel like I was born again after a few years. I started watching motorsport after my accident, from Formula 1 through WRC, ERC, WTCC and RSMP but the biggest changes came after my first ever experienced rally – it was 70th Rally Poland.

Meeting with Robert Kubica, Maciek Baran and Team Citroen… What happened after my first real rally is absolutely indescribable. You have to be there, feel it.

I felt in love with rallies, races and now it is my passion.

Of course, I became true fan of rallies, few eminent drivers, pilots and outstanding team which was dominating the championship.

It was one of the most beautiful weekends after accident. Smile simply didn’t leave my face for a moment. Thanks to that passion I want to live forever!

During this year’s 71st LOTOS Rally Poland, once again I met so many kind people from motorsport family, who truly support me and believe in me. I’m glad that I had an opportunity to me all those people known initially from Internet. Thank you that you came to the meeting with me.


I would like to give my special regards to Robert Kubica and Maciek Szczepaniak on whom I cheer. I’m sure they are going to win WRC eventually.

In a result of an accident, nerve wasn’t broken but just pressed. Currently I’m undergoing diagnostics concerning possible treatment and unblocking injuries.

Present rehabilitation is needed just for keeping me in a relatively good shape. If a result of an examination will be accepted, it’s conceivable I have to have unblocking surgery done. Keep your fingers crossed.


It’s interesting how I decided to work on my hands. I followed Robert Kubica’s example. Shortly after coming back from the rally, my first idea in my wicked brain was to play WRC computer games. I had begun with tuned joystick, next ideas came instantly and I invented something which can enable me to try my skills just in virtual reality. Because my hands are not fully fit, I asked my cousins to tune my steering wheel so that I can push throttle by my teeth and brake with my tongue. Yes, yes… it might be unimaginable for some of you but if you are determined, you can do everything. Beginnings were really tough because I didn’t have a grip for the steering wheel so I had my hands tied to it. At that moment, left hand was 5-7% fit, right 15%. Believe it or not, this kind of rehabilitation combined with passion gives wonderful results. I even started playing games with real rally gloves – ERROR! SYSTEM BROKEN! J.



Sebastian Loeb has “My own driving style”
I have “My own rehabilitation style”

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

“Every champion has its own style.”